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Print Club did a Valentines Day fundraiser sale this semester, I made two similar but different cards for them to sale. The design on the cards is based off of a painting by Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, better know as Caravaggio. Around 1601-1602 he made a painting of cupid titled Amor Vinicit Omnia or in English Love Conquers All. More on Caravaggio in later blog posts.



The English version of the card shown above was an edition size of 41.



The latin version was an edition of size of 20.

The fundraiser was a success, Holiday cards do sale. The cards were drawn, then scanned into the computer. I printed them out and then exposed them onto a screen coated with photo emulsion. I had sixteen cards cramped onto one screen, but the edges fell off so I ended up getting eight cards out of each piece of paper.

This has become a starting point for a new body of work that takes classical paintings, and Easternizes them. Currently I am working with mostly Caravaggio paintings, but at some point I plan to branch out into other master painters.

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