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This Portfolio is one of the last Printmaking Projects that I worked on while attending CSU Chico, a little over a year ago. I’ve been thinking of Printmaking a lot more recently and wishing that I could get back into printing (no press, and not much space). This portfolio was entered and selected to be in the CSU Chico 59th Annual Juried Student Exhibition my portfolio was selected for exhibition and the juror Glen Helfand made a mention of the work in his Exhibition Statement. 

I really enjoyed working on this series and watching it evolve from early works that I wasn’t really sure what the end goal was, into a cohesive work. Over a year ago when I was working on the early stages of this portfolio I made a couple blog posts. The very first print was a Valentines day card that card design was based on Amor Vincit Omnia one of Caravaggio’s paintings of Cecco that was later included in the portfolio. But the stencil method that I ultimately settled on was not used for the valentines cards, I wanted sharp lines and I wasn’t getting them with that method. One of the next prints was for the LAPS Give and Take Exhibition/Exchange this time around the printing method was the same, these were printed while the portfolio was in progress state I had one or two of the prints finished at that time. When I started the project of picking out Caravaggio’s Cecco’ I didn’t have the intention of a Portfolio, that came as a spur of the moment decision when I was asked how I was going to present these images. I had even signed and “finished” two of the images as individual prints to be matted and framed. But I really wanted them to all be seen collectively as a whole so it made more sense to put them into a unbound portfolio. Almost all of my conceptual work has to do with multiples of similar objects. I think that is one of the reasons I feel this is my most successful printmaking project thus far.

The Prints are all Serigraphs (Screen Prints) on printmaking paper. The stencil was drawn on frosted Mylar and exposed to the screen using photo emulsion.

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