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Mill Creek trail is one of those connecting trail, it seems like its purpose is to connect to as many other trails as possible. I decided to just do the creek side of the trail that you can access from the Tower House Historical District. And even at that I cut it a bit short. According to the guide page this trail crosses the creek 20 times. I believe it from what I saw. I crossed the creek 9 times on my adventure into this trail, and eventually I was just over it. Hopping from stone to stone and then walking 500 feet and doing it again. Yep totally over it. Judging from the state of the trail it is not well traveled as it was a bit overgrown, often with poison oak. Still I came away with a camera full of photographs from the day and one of my favorite flower photographs that I have taken this season. Also lots of Creek Crossing photographs, and Indian Rhubarb.


I stopped after one of the creek crossings and decided to wade out into the water. This was part trying to get a cool Panorama Sphere and part hoping the water would wash off the Urushiol Oil from Poison Oak off. It seemed to have worked because I only had one small spot of poison oak and it cleared up quickly.

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