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This trail just recently reopened, after being closed in 2013 due to flooding of the trail. I hiked this trail once before it was closed, and had found memories of it. So I am glad to see this trail once again open. The trail reopened on June 15th, 2017 and I was there on the 21st. I think this is one of the less known about trails at Whiskeytown. As the name implies this hike takes you along a historic water ditch that originally provided water to the Camden House Orchard, and now once again after some repairs is providing water to the same orchards. You start just above the Clean-Out house, more of a shed really. It houses a water-wheel mechanism that will rake larger debris such as a stick and leaves out of the water. As you continue down the path you are walking alongside the waterditch, and there is even a section that you walk on a flume structure as it passed over a gorge.  As you near the end of the trail you get more and move views of Crystal Creek.


This weeks PhotoSphere is below, just click the link to load it. This Photosphere is from the end of the trail, you can see the floodgate that controls flow into the ditch. As well as Crystal Creek.


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