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Last week I was out at Guardian Rock Trail, and came back with a ton of photographs. As a result it has taken me longer than I’d like to get this posted. There are 28 final photographs, and the majority of them are HDR or Panoramic images. I really enjoyed this trail.

I cannot specifically recall having hiked this trail before, but given its proximity to the NEED Camp I assume that I was on the trail then in 6th grade. All I can remember about being at that camp is the aftermath and having poison oak covering my body. This trail starts out at the Bridge leading to the NEED Camp across Clear Creek. You make your way down to the creekside and the mile walk is almost always within view of the creek. Until you reach a fork in the trail when you can either take the trail for Guardian Rock Trail, or for the Sheep Camp. The trail for sheep camp is just a  straight and flat path for horses and bikes that take you to the vantage point. The real view is down the path to Guardian Rock Trail, after a short walk down you will get back to the creek and be on some rocks that overlook a bend in the creek. I spent some time here and without much difficulty you can make your way down to the creek. Back on the trail you should for sure continue down to the vantage point that has another great vista view of the valley.

The first Photosphere is from Guardian Rock on the creekside. The second is from just down the trail at the Vista point.

The next trail was completed at the same time, it is a short trail at the Visitor center called Shasta Divide Nature Trail.

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