Futurelearn: Exploring the World of English Language Teaching

This was the last week for my second Futurelearn course, Exploring the World of English Language Teaching. Hosted by Cambridge English Language Assessment. The course was led by Monica Poulter and Marie Therese Swabey. The purpose of this course was to serve as an introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign or Second language. The course accomplished its goals of serving as a introduction course. It helped me to begin the process of learning how to be an English Teachers, as well as highlighting the areas that I need to work on. The course covers topics like teaching techniques, grammar; vocabulary; pronunciation, resources, and teaching certificates. While none of the topics were covered in depth there was a great overview of the subject provided. One of the greatest parts of…
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Futurelearn Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime Review

Art, Futurelearn
  I recently completed the Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime MOOC (Massively Online Open Course) on Futurelearn, my first MOOC ever. This was a three week course with an estimated  4 hours of time each week. Week 1 was about Stolen/Looted Antiquities and Trafficking, Week 2 was Art Crimes, and Week 3 was about Reparations and Returns. The course was led by Donna Yates. I really enjoyed the course. Particularly week 2 when we covered Art Crime, Week 1 was also very enjoyable. Most memorable was Ai WeiWei's smashed Ancient Urns and the resulting museum crime (of someone smashing one of his Urns), The Gardner art theft, and the concept of art smuggler networks. The format of the course involved primarily videos, and Articles with some Quizzes, Discussions and a couple activities.…
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