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This was the last week for my second Futurelearn course, Exploring the World of English Language Teaching. Hosted by Cambridge English Language Assessment. The course was led by Monica Poulter and Marie Therese Swabey.

The purpose of this course was to serve as an introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign or Second language. The course accomplished its goals of serving as a introduction course. It helped me to begin the process of learning how to be an English Teachers, as well as highlighting the areas that I need to work on. The course covers topics like teaching techniques, grammar; vocabulary; pronunciation, resources, and teaching certificates. While none of the topics were covered in depth there was a great overview of the subject provided.

One of the greatest parts of this course was the weekly Introduction and End of Week videos that Monica and Maria (The Lead Educators) produced for the course each week. Both videos served to answer any questions that came up during the week as well as to highlight some great comments from other learners on the topics. There were some great examples and discussions in the video.

I am seriously considering becoming an English Language Teacher, with the intention of teaching in South Korea to start with. I took this course because I wanted to know more about what it entails. Although I do not feel ready to teach a class with just this course completed, I do feel that I can learn to teach a class and teach it well. This is just the beginning of my adventure into English Language Teaching. Next I will be working on a 120 hour online certificate course.


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