Exploring Whiskeytown: Shasta Mine Loop Trail

I hiked Shasta Mine Loop Trail on February 24th, 2017. I had wanted to do this trail the last time I was out at Whiskeytown but the road was closed due to a storm that had passed through. At tis time everything was still quite soaked and saturated I knew this trail was mostly on the side of a mountain so I was hoping that the water would have drained off the trail for the most part.

But that not how it went, I started at one entrance to the loop, and walked in about 1 1/4 miles until I reached a part of the path that was totally flooded. The water was about 5 inches deep, and stretched around the corner. Now I don’t mind crossing a bit of water here and there, my Hiking shoes are waterproof, but not when the water is over the top of the shoe. So I turned around and walked back to the parking lot, and found the other entrance to the trail. Almost all of the pictures below are from the other part of the trail, The Small Steam Photograph is the only one from the first 1 1/4 miles. That first part was mostly in the woods, and just not that interesting.

The second stretch of the hike was a lot more interesting You are walking up and old mining road that takes you up to an old mine. On the was up you get one of the best views of Whiskeytown Lake that I’ve found. You also get some great views of the surrounding Mountains.

The only Photograph in this set that is not from the trail itself is one Panorama of Whiskeytown’s Glory Hole. One of the rare times when water is actually flowing over the top of it.

[sphere 320]

Today’s Panorama Sphere is from the aforementioned road, and offers a view of Whiskeytown Lake, and the surrounding mountains.


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