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On February 8th I hiked Clear Creek Canal Trail. This tail is mostly flat and meanders through the forest offering a good view of Whiskeytown Dam, and some of the surrounding mountains. It is a long trail at 4.5 miles long (so 9 miles round-trip), you can shorten it to around 7.3 miles by taking the Shasta Mine Loop trail back when you return.

The trail make a sort of lazy loop, starting on the far side of the Mount Shasta Mine Loop Trail parking lot and crosses the road around 4 times. There is a part of the trail where you can see the Whiskeytown Cemetery. Eventually the trail combines with the Shasta Mine Loop trail for a short while, this is where it can get a bit confusing as the sign seems to be missing. My solution was to just keep walking straight and I figured I’d either end up recognizing landmarks from the trail guide, or i’d be on the mine loop trail. (both start from the same parking lot) As I continued down the trail I ultimately recognized (from the description) the stream and then later the views and knew I was on the correct trail. I met a couple on the trail that missed the sign for the Mine Loop trail and ended up going down the Clear Creek Canal trail instead. On the way back I decided to go back using the Shasta Mine Loop.

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